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Who’s reading them

The Commercial Contracts for Managers series of books are of interest to managers, salespeople and other executives – all the way up to the CFO & CEO.

Most contract books are scholarly and highly specialised works aimed at law students, academics or legal practitioners. The Commercial Contracts for Managers series is conveniently sized and a better “fit” to the requirements of corporate managers -- simply because managers do not have the time (or inclination) to read large text-books.

The emphasis of this series is on ease of reading and practicality. The books present a macro view of fundamental aspects of commercial contracts for the businessperson, rather than a heavyweight academic treatment. In addition, key legal expressions and relevant terms applicable to commercial contracts are explained, as they occur, in “plain English” in each chapter.

When dealing with the law, often, there is no single “right” answer. The series will help executives develop the ability to deal with the ambiguities of contract drafting and the law. The reader will become familiar with the language of commercial contracts and will develop a level of confidence to give them a working familiarity with those terms. As a consequence, much of the intimidation created by complex contracts and fine print, will become a thing of the past.

The knowledge and familiarity gained from the series will help executives to spot issues before they become problems. In the event of the worst occurring, it will also help them to work with their lawyers and manage them more effectively. Any lawyer-client relationship can always be improved when an executive instructing the lawyer has a modicum of knowledge of the subject.

These books will help generate significant savings in cost, time and aggravation, for both executives and for their companies.


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