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A groundbreaking new series

“Just because you've been signing contracts for years,

it doesn't mean you have understood

what you've been signing”.

Many executives in corporations sign contracts every day of the week, without fully understanding the fine print and the consequences of the obligations they have committed their company to accept.

The Commercial Contracts for Managers series introduces the fundamental and necessary principles of commercial contracts, of which every manager should be aware. The series adopts a highly practical approach demonstrating actual clauses, taken from 'real-life' commercial contracts, and explaining their application.

Hints, tips and pitfalls accumulated from over 18 years experience in the law are shared -- all with the aim of helping companies avoid the adverse publicity and drain on management resources that contract disputes and litigation can present.

Whilst written in Australia for the Australian business environment, the series has a multi-jurisdictional application. The series has readers throughout Asia and as far away as the USA, UK, Japan, Switzerland, The Netherlands and Italy.
Published in Australia by CLED Professional and
in the UK and Worldwide by LES50NS Financial Publishing
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